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About us

After three years of working together with transformational Rebirthing Breathwork, Edward & Prema are inviting you for a deeper journey into the Self.


We have extensive experience with both group and individual sessions. We are hosting the longest running Rebirthing group in Koh Phangan, which has been going since September 2014.


Edward has been on a personal spiritual journey for 25 years. Spending time in India and later moved to Thailand in 2005, where he still lives much of the year.

He qualified in Rebirthing Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Classical Massage, India Head Massage, Acupressure Chair Massage, Vortex Healing and Reiki,.  

He worked in Great Ormond St Hospital doing massage for many years.  He still works at music festivals in the UK doing massage and Reiki.


Edward now specialises in Rebirthing Breathwork and Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage work.   He first experienced the powerful transformational process of Rebirthing Breathwork in 2012 and trained in Rebirthing with Andrea Polyak shortly after and then further training with Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing.  Edward started the first Rebirthing Group in Koh Phangan in September 2014, and now use Rebirthing in both personal and group sessions with amazing results.

Edward is available for Private one-on-one sessions.

Prema Julia

Prema is a qualified Rebirthing  Breathworker, who has been passionately working with breathwork for the last 9 years, guiding more then thousand people through deep and profound healing processes.

As a teenager inspired by Osho Rajneesh’s teachings, she stayed several months in an Osho Community and continued with Buddhist meditations mainly in India. Since 2013 she has lived mostly in South East Asia, immersed into Sacred Tantric teachings.

As a qualified Tantra Instructor, Kundalini Yoga practitioner and certified Reiki Master she brings  an intuitive wisdom into the Rebirthing sessions. 

Currently she undergoes an intensive training by Layla Martin to become a professional Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.

Her purpose is to be fully present and hold the sacred space to support people in recognising their unique nature, to embrace all that is arising within, to not suppress or reject anything but to feel into and bring light to all. To say yes to life and acknowledge both the negative and the positive through life and their challenges, allowing them to transform and become truly authentic in loving what is.

Prema offers small and intimate group sessions, one on one Rebirthing session as well as Breathwork sessions in water ~ which allows for an experience of returning to the womb and the moment of birth. It can be a very effective modality in working with fears, apathy, depression etc.

Private Parties


Koh Phangan,


Edward Thailand: +66 888 19 59 85

                      UK: +44 7910 669434

Prema Germany: +49  157 723 993 04

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