Written Testimonials

Looking back at the last year you crossed my mind so often. I can't thank you enough for your love and support through all these sessions that i experienced with you. I've never been so close to my pain, so close to god, so close to oneness. I’ve never experienced feeling so connected to my true self and a higher power and it still leaves me speechless. It has changed me to the core. Realising its me that is holding on to my pain and that it is a choice to welcome it and set it free would have not been possible without your loving and patient support. Thanks for holding space, for sharing your incredible gift, for helping me to find back to who I truly am. There are no words that can express my gratitude that the universe put you on my path.

~ Chris from Germany

I went with an open, but skeptical mind, and lots of suppressed emotion, to my first breathwork session. In that very first session, and many others with Prema and Edward over the following weeks, I experienced some of the most profound emotional releases of my life. More old trauma and recent grief was unblocked, aired and settled in two weeks of breathwork than in years of therapy and spiritual practice beforehand. Since I’ve returned home, I’ve fallen truly in love for the first time in 20 years, I have an easier, more forgiving, relationship with my parents, and I’ve made a radical shift that brought new meaning into my career, all of which I can attribute to this intensive period of breathwork. I can’t wait to do more! Thank you so much!

~ Greg from Australia

I first experienced Prema & Edward’s rebirthing breath work in one of their 3 hour workshops on Koh Phangan, Thailand which was extremely powerful and emotionally moving to say the least. At the end of it, I had no doubt I wanted to experience one of their 6 day retreats... and 8 months later, my wish finally came to fruition in Berlin, Germany. 

Working deeply for 6 days straight had such a profound affect. Each evening I left the space feeling lighter and transformed in ways never felt before. I have explored many healing modalities over the years and nothing comes close to the power of working with the breath. In addition to Prema & Edward’s amazing individual style, they hold such beautiful space: loving, grounded, soft and supportive. 

For anyone interested in diving deeper into the Self, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of attending one of their workshops or retreats. 

~ Nathan, from Canada

The 6 day breathwork retreat with Ed & Prema was a very profound process for me. I could see the way I had been breathing was a reflection of how I was going through my life; contracted, tentative and at times fearful.
Each day's group work and exercises opened up key aspects of my life and through NLP, guided meditations and reflection, Ed and Prema, enabled each day's breathwork session to become a transformative means of shifting often long held beliefs and blockages. I found Ed and Prema's facilitation to be exceptional. Both in the support and the insight they offered, highlighting a deep understanding of this work.
The retreat has helped me reconfigure many aspects of my past that I had unwittingly taken on as unconscious beliefs. It has been like a life 'reboot' of sorts in which I now feel through breath I can authentically reconnect with my true aliveness which I hadn't felt for a long time. Thank you greatly.

~ James from Australia   

Prema and Edward offer an incredible 3 day journey into sexuality, tantra and breath-work. This was a powerful journey of both presence and release for me. I was able to feel deeply into what mattered most in this moment within my sexuality and relationships. The whole 3-day program is designed perfectly to take you on a journey of depth to what ever you might need right now. Prema and Edward hold space with Grace and with love. Their many years of experience and training bring a level of authenticity to their work that cannot easily be matched.

I felt so safe, so held and so opened by their presence and the seamless way that they that they work together to transmit these teachings. I cannot recommend them and their programs enough. I have such gratitude for this experience.

~ Rochelle from New Zealand

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