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This Retreat is an invitation for a transformational journey into the Self 

More precisely: 
This technique helps to release all kinds of tension, blockages, and conditioning such as accumulated anxiety, negativity, frustration, resistance etc. then love, confidence, clarity, creativity & peace can enter. Not only for us, but for the majority of people Rebirthing is the most powerful experience ever felt and a great tool for releasing negative patterns, past trauma, conditioning & suffering. Release happens on physical, emotional, mental as well as on a spiritual levels. Often powerful insights occur which bring rapid transformations into one’s life. 

Rebirthing can: 
* Heal old emotional wounds and traumas
* Connect you with your deepest inner truth, with your divine nature 
* Boost confidence and awareness, and trust in yourself 
* Release old negative behavior patterns, and subconscious belief systems 
* Bring you to a deep inner peace 
* Experiences of full body energetic orgasm 
* Clear and energise your Chakras and energy system

If you feel ready to face divine energy moving in your own body & mind - in very magical, mystical & miraculous ways - then please be our guest and save your spot for our 5 or 6 days retreats!


Koh Phangan,


Edward Thailand: +66 888 19 59 85

Prema Germany: +49  157 723 993 04

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